Customers make the difference in business; we know that, and it is likely you know that. Therefore, we always aim to provide our customers with high-quality content, data-driven results, and overall a great experience with us. However, now we want to take this one step further and thank our existing customers who are helping us out.

For those that want to refer us to other companies based on the experience they have had or the quality of content that they received with us, you can now benefit from doing so!

How are we doing this, you ask?

The short answer is through our new referral scheme. Let’s look at just how this will work.

What is our SEO Referral Program?

A referral program is a method of onboarding new clients, all thanks to you! There are many types of referral programs that exist, but we have made this program bespoke to our company.

How does it work?

The way it works is simple. If you would like to introduce new customers to Click Intelligence, we are now offering the referral program. If we collect any revenue on an ongoing basis thanks to a referral of yours, we will reward you with one of two options.

What can you receive?

You have the choice between:

  • 10% ongoing cash
  • 20% FREE services

There are benefits to choosing either option, and it will be different for each business.

Opting for the 10% ongoing cash

For businesses that want would prefer to receive a ‘thank you’ in cash, then you should choose to build up a residual income with our scheme. The 10% ongoing cash will be calculated based on how much your referral spends. For example, say your referral spends £5,000 on a regular basis, then you would receive £500 ongoing cash as a thank you for bringing us more custom. Perfect for putting towards building up your business, for example.

Opting for 20% FREE services

If you regularly order content with us, then you might prefer to receive 20% worth of FREE services every time one of your recommendations places an order with us, and we receive payment. It could be hugely beneficial for your company, and who doesn’t like free services? Receive 20% worth of the same high-quality services, but pay nothing for it! Win-Win for both of us. We get new customers at Click Intelligence, and you get 20% free content. Why not benefit from 20% free services by getting a few more backlinks? Maybe you want to have an audit organised by us, or build up your on-site content for your blog. It is entirely up to you, and we want to accommodate your wants and needs as always.

Why should you take part in the referral program?

We believe in putting our customers first and delivering a high standard of service to them. However, we want to help even more businesses succeed, just like yours! With your help, we can form new relationships that help our business and theirs to thrive, and now, you can benefit from referring us, too.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail or simply register an interest, get in touch with our team today in our Cheltenham office on (0)1242 644345 or email We will be more than happy to chat with you about it.