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    Curated Links are essential for any Link Building strategy. Effective either on their own or alongside Blogger Outreach, Curated Links can boost your backlink profile and get your pages ranking higher on search engine result pages.

    Curated Links differ from standard Blogger Outreach. Instead of generating fresh and unique content for the link to feature, Curated Links are placed in articles and blogs already published. This makes the process quicker, allowing your brand to build an effective backlink profile within days.

    The Benefits of Curated Links

    As Curated Links are added to existing pages, our team can find and select your best performing. The posts we source already have an active viewership and have had time to build up their domain authority.

    How It Works

    We have a detailed Curated Link process to ensure that they are as effective as possible. Here’s how they work from the moment you order from our online store:

    • We take the time to understand your brand, the industry that it's in, and the most related niches.
    • We then source the best blogs and websites that match your website.
    • This strengthens SEO and improves performance.

    Extra content will have to be added to the article to make the link appear naturally. Our content team completes this task to ensure perfect accuracy!

    When you order Curated Links via our online store, you can order multiple at once. You can also control various parameters, such as the anchor text of these links and the desired Domain Authority (DA) score of the hosting webpages and blogs. This means you can make informed decisions about your Curated Links, and we’ll handle the heavy lifting for you.


    Domain authority describes a website's relevance for a specific niche or industry by measuring the strength of the entire domain and all the pages within it. Page authority is used to describe how strong a single page is on a website in terms of predictive ranking.

    Link building is a long-term investment for your brand and takes a long time because of the multiple steps in place to ensure that it's done properly. Our experts conduct thorough research of your industry, keywords, and competitors to craft a bespoke strategy that works for your website before implementing a well-planned execution phase where our outreach team builds relationships with influential journalists, bloggers, and editors to host your links.

    You need to build more quality links than your competitors. There is no hard number you need to hit, and it's important to remember that Link Building is a continuous endeavour. It needs to be part of your strategy each month.

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