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Link Building Services FAQ's

What Is White Label Link Building?

White label link building is a service where an agency outsources the task of acquiring backlinks to a third-party provider. This third-party then performs the work anonymously, doing so under the agency’s brand umbrella. To put it another way, your company (the agency) reaches out to us (the third-party provider) to generate links for your clients.

Essentially, it’s a behind-the-scenes arrangement where another company does the work – but your agency gets the credit. This setup allows you to provide additional services, such as strategic link acquisition, to your clients without the need to expand in-house or take on extra responsibility.

Is the Link Building Service Reseller Ready?

Yes! Our link building service is fully reseller ready. This is aided by our services which include seamless integration and full support. The result: you can sit back, forget about managing the day-to-day operations of link building, and relax while your clients get everything they need – and more.

Do I Get an Account Manager When I Order a Link Building Service?

Absolutely. When you place a link building service order, it comes with a dedicated account manager. Think of this manager as the guide for your campaign. They’re your point of contact, where they address any queries and make sure your link building campaign stays on the right track.

Simply put, the role of the account manager is crucial in maintaining both the quality and efficiency of Click Intelligence’s renowned link building service.

What Is Link Building?

A key component of any SEO campaign, link building is the process of obtaining links that point back to your website. The aim of this is to boost search engine visibility and drive traffic. Search engines like Google place a strong emphasis on backlinks when ranking websites based on their quality and relevance, which means links pointing back from major sites can be the difference from the first page or irrelevancy.

I Have a Bulk Order; Do You Offer Bulk Link Building Discounts?

Yes. Our link building services operate on a sliding scale. This means if you have a bulk order, this is met by a suitable discount rate. Do you have a large-scale project or multiple clients requiring link building services? If so, we can deliver customised pricing to accommodate your needs.

You then receive a more cost-effective method to manage larger backlink volumes – ideal whether it’s for your own needs or for clients where you can pass on the savings.

What Is the Difference Between Non-Approval and Pre-Approval?

The difference between the two lies in the level of client involvement. In non-approval link building, we select and place links based on established criteria, all without client intervention. Along with speeding up the process, it reduces the workload for the client.

As for pre-approval, you can likely gather where this is going. It involves the client in the selection and approval of specific sites before links are placed. This offers more control over the placement process but eats up time and increases the workload for the client.

Does Blogger Outreach Work?

100%. Blogger outreach is a highly effective marketing strategy – when it’s executed correctly. You are effectively tapping into the existing audiences of bloggers and influencers. When you select the right bloggers, those in the same industry and with established audiences, it can significantly enhance your brand’s exposure and credibility.

I Am in a Competitive Industry; Can Blogger Outreach Help?

In competitive industries, blogger outreach can supply a valuable edge in gaining traffic and a prominent search engine position. It can help differentiate your brand and build authoritative links which improve SEO. By building partnerships with relevant influencers and bloggers, you can tap into their engaged audiences and gain instant credibility.

When searching for a way to break through the noise in a crowded market, blogger outreach could be the key – and attract more customers to your business.

What Is the Benefit of Using Blogger Outreach?

There isn’t a single benefit. There are multiple benefits gained from using blogger outreach as part of your marketing strategy. Improved search engine rankings. Enhanced brand visibility and authority. Building relationships with key industry influencers. We could go on and on when describing the positives of blogger outreach.

Ultimately, it facilitates natural link building, which in turn boosts SEO efforts and drives targeted traffic directly to your website.

What Is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach is a targeted marketing strategy where you collaborate with relevant bloggers and influencers to generate authentic content about your products or services. In simple terms, you reach out to external websites in the hopes of generating valuable backlinks.

This engagement often involves supplying content or offering something of value in exchange for a blog post. It’s a powerful marketing tool that, when used effectively to leverage the blogger’s audience and influence, typically results in increased traffic and organic search relevance for your brand.

How Do I Get High-Quality Backlinks?

There are different ways to secure high-quality backlinks. You can take the manual approach. This may involve a focus on creating compelling, valuable content that others want to reference and share. Another tactic is to engage with relevant communities and industry leaders to seek out guest posting opportunities.

Either way, this involves a lot of time and effort, both of which might go to waste if you take a wrong turn when looking for SEO success. This is why it’s highly recommended to gain backlinks from a specialist provider like Click Intelligence – and that’s not just us saying it! Along with taking the heavy workload off your shoulders, the expertise from our side guarantees success in acquiring those high-quality backlinks.

What Types of Outreach Can I Use To Get Backlinks?

Guest blogging, influencer collaborations, creating shareable infographics or videos – there are various approaches available to obtain backlinks. It’s not only about producing fresh content, either; you can also leverage social media to promote content, for instance. You could even participate in community forums and discussions to increase the possibilities of attracting backlinks.

What Is a Link Building Package?

A link building package, put together by an SEO or digital marketing agency, typically involves various services. The main goal of using these services is to improve a website’s backlink profile. As for what these services entail, think about the likes of content creation, guest blogging, and manual outreach to relevant websites.

A link building package is usually customised with the client in mind. Each client has different SEO goals after all, which means a bespoke package is required to match their budget and marketing targets. By generating high-quality links, packages are ultimately designed to enhance a website’s authority and ranking in search engine results.

Can I Start Blogger Outreach Campaigns?

Anyone can start a blogger outreach campaign. However, it’s important you take the right steps with this marketing strategy. Begin by identifying bloggers who match your brand values and possess engaged audiences relevant to your products or services. Then, prepare a compelling pitch for prospective blogger partners, which outlines mutual benefits and covers what you have to offer.

Don’t just go with a copy-and-paste job. With each blogger, you should customise your approach to increase the chances of forging a successful partnership.

Can I Do International Link Building?

Certainly; link building isn’t restricted to your home country! In fact, international link building can be highly beneficial for businesses looking to expand their global reach. Although as it involves gaining backlinks from reputable websites based in the target country, it requires the understanding of various points – namely local market dynamics, culture, and search engine preferences.

What Does DA Mean?

DA, or Domain Authority, is a metric developed by Moz. It predicts how well a website will rank on search engines based on a 1-to-100 scale. The higher the score, the greater the likelihood that a site will perform well.

Multiple factors are used to calculate DA, including the number of total backlinks and linking root domains. It’s widely used as a standard measure for comparing websites and tracking the “ranking strength” of a site over time.

What Does DR Mean?

Domain Rating (DR) is a metric developed by Ahrefs. This metric measures the strength of a website’s backlink profile compared to other sites, and this is done on a 0-to-100 scale. A higher DR score indicates a stronger backlink profile – an aspect that’s critical for SEO performance.

DR is calculated based on the quantity and quality of external backlinks pointing to a site. This metric helps marketers benchmark against competitors and plot their link building efforts more effectively.

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