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    The main purpose of SEO is to get your business seen online by optimising your domain, so it appears at the top of search results. For companies that operate within a specific geographic location, their SEO efforts must focus on appearing on local searches.

    Unlike businesses that can market to a national or global audience, businesses like this need their SEO to target the area in which they operate. Local SEO can help your business rank on queries by users in your local area. Instead of appearing in the results for users who might be in a different country, you're connected with active, interested customers in your location.

    Our Local SEO Service

    Local SEO shares some similarities with your standard SEO optimisation. Link Building and adding keywords to your content are still important. However, these have to be focused more on your specific geographical area.

    When looking for keywords, you must focus on long-tail phrases that include locations or terms like 'near me.' Furthermore, you also need to build links on directories and websites based within your local area.

    At Click Intelligence, we understand what makes great Local SEO. When you order this service from our online store, we'll get to work adding all the necessary local citations to make your business more discoverable to those within your area.

    We will spend time optimising your Google My Business profile to ensure you have the best possible images, reviews, descriptions, and more. Google My Business is an essential aspect of Local SEO, and our team has the knowledge and experience needed to help you make the most out of this platform!

    When you order Local SEO from our online store, you'll get a dedicated Account Manager to guide you through the process, answer your questions, and provide key updates so that you can track how well your Local SEO is performing.


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    Local SEO FAQs

    Local SEO is best suited to companies with a physical location where they can target their marketing, regardless of whether the business is global or on a smaller scale. Local SEO can help you become the authority brand within a location, meaning that instead of competing against global brands, you'll only be competing with those local to you.

    GMB is a tool that allows brands to promote their business profile and business website on both Google search and Maps, making you far more discoverable as a result. With this tool, you can manage your business account, better connect with customers, and post updates, improving your authority and SEO.

    Local SEO will add more traffic to your business because it stops you from competing in a global marketplace where you might struggle to get noticed. Instead, it focuses your business on the local level, where there will be increase in customers who are actively interested in your business.

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