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    Using social media is a great way to boost your business and increase brand awareness and recognition. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn,  have millions of active users each.

    Paid Social allows businesses to create highly targeted ads that will show to their dream target audience.

    Paid Social is a tool to increase the reach of your ads and connect with an audience that suits your brand.

    The objectives of Paid Social usually are:

    1. To increase brand awareness by increasing traffic to your site.
    2. To get more conversions in email sign-ups, app downloads, and transactions.
    3. To generate leads via contact form entries.

    How Paid Social Works

    When you use our Paid Social service, we'll create targeted ads that go further than your current followers and appear on the feeds of users that may not be aware of your brand.

    To ensure that your Paid Social campaigns are effective and lead to more conversions, they target certain demographics that show the best signs of wanting to engage with your brand. When creating a Paid Social campaign, these parameters can be set to avoid wasted efforts marketing to an audience not interested in your product.

    Pay-per-click (PPC) is how your Paid Social targeted advertising campaign is billed. The cost of your Paid Social campaigns is tied to the objective. You only pay when a conversion is made, making it an economically sensible method.

    Our Process

    Paid Social can drastically increase your social performance and brand awareness, page views, and transactions. However, it's also tricky to get right and requires a tailored approach.

    When you order Paid Social through our online store, we will:

    1. Get to know your brand and your target audience, so our experienced Paid Social team can work out the best demographics to target and what type of content will be most effective.
    2. Work to create engaging, informative, and effective social adverts to attract new audiences to your products.
    3. Manage the scope of your Paid Social, your dedicated Account Manager will provide updates through detailed performance reports so you can see first-hand how your Paid Social campaigns are affecting your business.

    We offer Paid Social services on 4 major social media platforms. We make sure that we target the right bespoke networks for your business. There's no point in creating posts on Twitter if your audience is on Facebook.

    The channels we provide Paid Social for are:

    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn

    Paid Social FAQs

    The platforms you're present on are determined by your target audience. This is to make sure your social marketing efforts are efficient, as you don't want to spend too much time creating content for a platform that is rarely used by your audience.

    The type of content you should post on your socials will be tailored for each business, depending on factors such as the target customer's geographical location, social demographics, gender, age, and more. Knowing this will help you generate more engaging posts that will entice these target customers to your brand. In general, posts should be engaging and either entertaining or informative so that they have value.

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