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Paid search has the potential to get your business seen right at the top of search engine result pages (SERPs). Also known as PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns, paid search can effectively maximize your marketing.

By generating keyword-optimised, SEO-friendly, and engaging ads, you can attract more attention to your products and services for people who are actively interested in them with Click Intelligence.

When you order a paid search campaign with us, you'll get a team of experts who will conduct lead generation and specific targeting for your audience. We promise that our campaigns will increase web traffic, brand awareness, and you'll even be able to measure the success with detailed reports.

Benefits of Paid Search

There are many reasons why paid search is one of the most effective marketing strategies on the internet:

  • It helps you stand out

A PPC advert on Google will appear right at the top of the search result, even ahead of the number one ranking domain. This gives you immediate attention and increased chances for your page to earn a click, as more than 70% of search engine users interact with the first result on a page.

  • It's good short-term

Building links and working on your SEO to boost your rank organically takes a lot of time. While you're working on that, a PPC campaign can help you jump to the top of the search results quickly, allowing you to attract customers instantly.

  • It's extremely targeted

As your ad will only appear on search results that have used the defined keywords that you've chosen beforehand, it means that the users viewing your ad will be more likely to be interested in your product. Your ad will be matching their search intent, making a conversion more likely.

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