Conversion Rate optimisation Services

Working as a leading conversion rate optimisation agency, Click Intelligence will come up with a plan for your website to ease the bottlenecks and make that customer journey ever easier.

Our expert conversion rate optimisation services (CRO services) aim to clean up the user experience on your website, offering evidence-based data-driven recommendations on where you can improve.

Basic CRO

Identify where and why you’re losing users with our basic service, starting from just £1,000 with a 10-day turnaround. It is a great starting point for improving your conversion rate. We use heatmap analysis and data analysis to identify any user bottlenecks as well as doing some basic testing and a Sanity Check through Hotjar.

Full CRO

If you want to buy CRO that takes a deep look at your website, then our full service, starting from £2000 and taking 3-4 weeks, offers helpful advice and analysis on improving your site for your users. We run our analysis for 2 weeks and produce a simple easy to read report that can identify any funnel issues. We’ll make recommendations about split testing and show you how to monitor the outcome.

When you buy conversion rate optimisaton through Click Intelligence, you’re getting access to some of the best brains in the industry, and experts in their field. We’ll keep it jargon-free, simple, and clear, letting you get back to what’s important.