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    Gambling / Adult / Bitcoin / iGaming Blogger Outreach


    Businesses that operate within a niche, specialist, and adult industry can find it hard to build their brand online and generate trust. Those in Gambling, iGaming, and Bitcoin have to deal with many regulations that other businesses do not. Some bloggers might not accept content related to these more adult-oriented industries, which can be frustrating for companies trying to build up their backlink and outreach profile.

    At Click Intelligence, we understand that industries like these need a different approach to Blogger Outreach. Traditional Blogger Outreach will not get the same results for your niche.

    Our Approach To Blogger Outreach for Adult & iGaming Content

    For many businesses that operate in these industries, one of the biggest issues is generating trust and brand authority.

    To combat this, we:

    • Ensure that our Blogger Outreach service only sources reliable and high domain authority publishing sites.
    • Work with websites that range from DA20+ all the way to DA50+. This means the links you acquire on these outreach articles will help boost your website's online reputation, resulting in a rise in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

    Bitcoin, Adult, iGaming, and Gambling industries have more regulations regarding how they should be advertised. Our team of experienced writers has a vast knowledge of these sectors, allowing us to produce engaging outreach articles that work within the restrictions of your niche.

    When you order Blogger Outreach services for your business with us, you'll get a dedicated Account Manager who will keep you updated on the process and work with you to deliver the best results possible! This means you can always get hold of someone if you have questions.


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    Domain Authority is a score created by Moz that ranks how likely a webpage is to rank on search engines. Scored out of 100, the higher the score is, the better. When selecting publishing sites and blogs to host your backlinks, we only use high scoring Domain Authority websites to help improve your own website's domain authority.

    Blogger Outreach for these industries is different because it focuses on improving the trust flow for your business and thus needs a slightly different approach. Although Blogger Outreach's main focus is building your ranking, it's also especially important that these industries build trust.

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