5 Brilliant Ways To Link Build

Posted By appclickintelligence, 19th October 2018.

5 Brilliant Ways To Link Build

5 Link-Building Techniques

As Google continually adjusts its algorithm to prevent webmasters from manipulating its search engine, many site owners are unsure about the best ways to generate backlinks without securing a penalty. However, if you focus on building a natural, varied backlink profile, you will protect your website from a dreaded algorithm update in the future.

There are many effective, ethical link building tactics you can try, which can help you to skyrocket your way up the search engines. To start generating backlinks from multiple high-authority websites, which can help you secure a page one position for your desired keywords and grow your organic search traffic, here are five brilliant ways to link build.

  1. Build Relationships

    Build RelationshipsDo not underestimate the importance of building relationships with publishers and influencers in your industry. It is an effective way to build your brand awareness and acquire numerous backlinks.

    You can start a conversation with people online through blog comments, forum posts, social networking, email outreach, and Q&As. Once you have built a rapport with people, they will be more likely to distribute your content on their social media pages (which will send great social signals) or link back to your latest article in an upcoming blog post.

  2. Publish Expert Roundups

    If you want to generate multiple backlinks, social shares and blog comments, expert roundups should not be overlooked. Simply ask experts in your industry to weigh in on a topic, offering their advice or opinion, which you will provide your readers with an insightful, helpful article. As an expert will feature in your post, they will be more likely to share it on their social media profiles, and industry websites will be more likely to link back to it.

    Simply find an angle that has yet to be covered online and send an expert a friendly, brief email asking them to participate. While it is wise to publish the content on your own website, reaching out to a big news website with a roundup post could help you to be published for free, and it could boost your brand awareness, credibility, and web traffic.

  3. Link Reclamation

    Link reclamation is about maximising your online visibility and search ranking. It can be separated into the following three categories:

    • Fixing broken backlinks to your site
    • Requesting a link for unlinked brand mentions
    • Identifying the uncredited use of your copyrighted materials (images, video, etc.) and asking for accreditation

    Take a look at the different categories and how you can resolve the problem.

  4. Fix Broken Backlinks

    broken linksBroken backlinks that point to a 404 page on your website can cause you to lose valuable link juice, which can affect your search ranking. Use the broken link checker tool to identify any URLs that are negatively affecting your backlink profile, and then reach out to a webmaster to request they replace the broken link with a relevant URL. By doing so, they will provide their visitors with a greater user experience, and you can improve your ranking in the SERPs.

    Gain a Link for Unlinked Brand Mentions
    Many websites assume they will receive a backlink when their brand name is mentioned online, but this isn’t always the case, unfortunately. If a site features an unlinked brand mention, reach out them via email and ask them if they would be willing to add a link.
    You also should set up a Google Alert with your brand name, so you will receive a notification in your inbox each time a website mentions you in the future.

    Secure a Link for Uncredited Use of Your Copyright Material
    If a website has used your copyrighted material without your permission, such as a photograph or video, you have two options: you can either ask them to remove it or you could ask for an accreditation so that you can secure a backlink.

    Simply send them a polite, friendly email informing them of the infringement and await their response. For help discovering a copyright infringement, use Google’s reverse image search to find out if any websites are using your images or videos without permission.

  5. Newsjacking

    Newsjacking will require you to tap into the latest news and offering your own ideas or opinions about a story connected to your industry. Journalists will want to cover a story from different angles and receive many quotes from industry experts, which will provide their articles with more substance.

    Once you have published your article, start sharing it on social media or distribute a press release, and your piece could get picked up by one or more major publications, who will link back to your site as a reference. However, this is a time-sensitive link building tactic, so you will need to act quickly to publish an article while a topic is still relevant.

    Ego Bait

    Reaching out to influencers can be intimidating, as they will more than likely receive hundreds of emails per day asking for a backlink. It is, however, vital to remember that influencer are marketers just like you, so they will love to be featured, mentioned or quoted on your website.

    There are numerous ways to play to an influencer’s ego. For example, you could feature them in a top 10 list, quote them in an informative article, or you could also interview them for your website. As a result, they might be more than happy to share and link back to your content to show off their credibility, which could lead to your website accumulating multiple backlinks.


Creativity and ingenuity is the key to a rock solid link building campaign. This means capitalising on trends, playing to people’s egos, and digging deeper into your reputation to find potential link building opportunities.

If you continually produce unique, well-written and insightful content, monitor and tweak your backlink profile, and build relationships with people inside and outside of your industry, you will develop a powerful, organic backlink profile that can help you to rank for your sought-after keywords time and again.

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